It's getting harder and harder to source new material: needless to say the situation
in the Ukraine has made many 'classic' meteorites virtually unobtainable. Nevertheless,
we're continuing to invest in newly-imported stock, as well as legacy items
Although we are slowing down on our long-distance shows, online sales are booming!
No-one - NO-ONE - in the UK has the quantity and quality that we currently have in stock!
Wholesale customers always welcome!



We have added to our terrific inventory of rare
and fascinating achondrites: Howardites, Eucrites,
Diogenites, Acapulcoites, Ureilites, Rumurutites
and lots more besides, all at highly affordable
prices! There's never been a better time to top up
your 'type set'!
as little
as £10
Brand new! We have half a dozen etched slabs
0f the recently-available Aletai 111e-anom. iron
These are nice and chunky, with masses from 90g
to 220gm.

We also have some large, new examples of
Seymchan iron: the best we've had for a long time!
£150 -
Additionally, we have acquired some hefty polished
and etched slices of the Muonionalusta iron meteorite.
These chunky examples are 8mm thick: ideal for handing
around among friends or at a talk!
It's been a while since we've had any of
the rare
Gebel Kamil
attaxite, but we've
managed to obtain a few decent-sized pieces!
From £40


This glazed frame displays five items that are
considered by many to have arrived on Earth
from other bodies within the Solar System!
There is no doubt about the origins of HEDs,
Lunars and Martians, of course, but the source
of 'Mercurial' achondrites is currently speculative.
Available in A4 and A3 format, with
glossy backing card and hand-made ash frames.
£80 & £120
New, but already a popular item, this A4 frame
displays eight polished slices of common chondrite
from L3 - L6 and H3 - H6. This would be a terrific
addition to any collectioin or
perfect reference tool
for educators.
We have a dozen large slices of this unclassified
NWA chondrite. It has astonishing chondrules
and would seem to be L3 or L4. These are among the
best examples we have ever offered for sale
£50 - £80
Once again we've restocked with a range of highly
affordable Common Chondrites
from the Sahara.
These range from £5 - £100, and are available in
dealer lots or individually. There are some excellent
conker-sized crusted individuals at £15 - £20: great
Christmas gifts or collection-starters!

Call or

We have a trayful of the rare and beautiful
Egyptian / Libyan Desert Glass.
This highly
sought-after impactite comes from one
of the most dangerous regions of the Sahara
and is increasingly difficult to obtain...

Some of our current items are nearly as green
as Moldavite: stunning and genuine!
From £15

Recently arrived from North Africa: some large
NWA unc. stones with regmaglypts, weathered
crust and some orientation. These are attractive
examples with masses from 200
to 500g

This A4 display contains decent-sized examples
of all six
Primitive Achondrites.
Larger samples of each can be included if desired!
Very, very hard to find all six of these, particularly
at a reasonable price.
The backing image is printed on heavy grade glossy
card stock: the ash frame is glazed and treated.

Cintamani glass resembles both ‘classic’ indochinite and Muong Nong stratified tektites, as well as American types such as Saffordite and Columbianite. Although widely considered to be a variety of obsidian, an impact origin has not been completely ruled out.

We have obtained a limited amount of this unusual glass
which would be a great addition to any collection.
Moldavite - genuine Moldavite - is very, very hard to find
these days: what is available is incredibly expensive! We
have a few examples, mounted by Linda in .925 Sterling
silver. These are wonderful value and will sell very quickly!
Stable'skeletons' of the Sericho pallasite from Kenya.
These resemble the extremely expensive Imilac
skeletons, but cost a fraction of the price!
Small, stable examples of the Sericho pallasite.

As far as we know, we are the only website
in the world that has all three UK impactites!

Top left: Bristol impact layer

Right: Isle of Skye
impact layer

Not shown but in stock: a few beautiful slices of
the Stac Fada suevite.

All of these are extremely hard to obtain!


All three known UK impactites in an A4 frame:
probably unobtainable elsewhere!

Stac Fada

Isle of Skye
impact layer

Bristol impact layer

Linda and I have been searching through a big
new delivery of material from Morocco: among
the excellent unclassified chondrites we found
some terrific individuals showing heavy shock
veining and brecciation: I've cut and polished
some thick slices and end-cuts that would be
a great addition to any collection!
From £20
We have managed to restock with the
Campo del Cielo megacrystals!
With masses from 135g - 215g, these are
stable, spectacular and would be a terrific
addition to any collection.
From £90
Linda's handmade meteorite and space-themed
jewellery make fabulous gifts and are surprisingly
affordable. These examples include Swarovski crystals
with Gibeon (left) and Seymchan
beads: all findings
are sterling silver. They can be found on the 'irons'
page of our jewellery website: click HERE
Our boxed meteorite and impactite sets are popular
with collectors, colleges and schools all over the world.
The glazed wooden case holds nine specimens, each
individually presented in an acrylic box. Those displayed
at left are our £135 'Specialist Set', and a set comprising
nine samples of the KT boundary layer from locations
around the globe (Plus a bonus sample of micro-tektites
from Hell Creek!) Further samples can be housed in the

Other sets are available: achondrites, irons etc.

We still have some excellent large slices of the
Seymchan pallasite.

These are from the outer regions of this
meteorite and do not display olivine crystals.
They range from 30g - 80g and are absolutely
stunning examples!

from £55

We have acquired examples of some
of the rarest impactites available:

* Zhamanshinite
* Anthraxolite
* Grey Sudbury melt rock
* Onaping
* Isle of Skye
impact layer
* Bristol impact layer
* Stac Fada suevite

Only limited amounts available!

This glazed A4 frame contains decent-sized
fragments of the three HED achondrite
types from the asteroid 4-Vesta: Howardite,
Eucrite and Diogenite. Many other similar
collections are available or can be custom-made
to your requirements! A great gift to a friend
or to yourself!
Getting hold of some genuine examples of
the Chelyabinsk
LL5 chondrite has been a
little problematical, but we've managed it!
We have a couple of hundred glossy 'peas':
when they're gone, they're gone!