Watch this space! We have invested thousands of pounds in new stock this month!


It's almost certainly the case that we have the largest inventory
and variety of
pallasites in the UK: possibly even in Europe! These
trays hold polished slices
and endcuts of Seymchan, Brahin, Pallasovka, Jepara and others.

Linda and I will be retiring fairly soon, so if you've ever wanted to own a meteorite - and especially one of these astonishing items -
then now might be a good time to take the plunge!

Incidentally: if anyone is interested in a future purchase of the
business or stock, do contact us!
Brand new! Stable'skeletons' of the Sericho
have just reached us from Kenya.
These resemble the extremely expensive Imilac
skeletons, but cost a fraction of the price!
Smaller skeletons' of the Sericho pallasite.
Small, stable examples of the Sericho pallasite.

Brand new! Impact melt glass 'bombs' from
the Mien Crater, Sweden. Very similar in
appearance to the more widely-known 'fladles'
from the Ries Crater, this is an impactite we
have never had in our inventory before!

We've cut some more very affordable slices
of the beautiful and intriguing Jepara Pallasite.
These are mostly around 30mm x 30mm and are
all translucent and 100% stable.
From £20

As far as we know, we are the only website
in the world that has both of these UK impactites!

Top left: Bristol impact layer

Right: Isle of Skye
impact layer

These are extremely hard to obtain!


All three known UK impactites in an A4 frame:
probably unobtainable elsewhere!

Stac Fada

Isle of Skye
impact layer

Bristol impact layer


A new Libyan contact (really!) has
allowed us to build up a good stock of my
personal favourite: Saharan impact glass.
We have a good supply in a variety of sizes
as well as some excellent neolithic tools.
Prices start as low as £5!

£1 / g

We've bought in some decent examples of
the beautiful Czech Moldavite to add to our
impactite inventory. Guaranteed absolutely
genuine, we have a range of sizes available.

From £5
Linda and I have been searching through a big
new delivery of material from Morocco: among
the excellent unclassified chondrites we found
some terrific individuals showing heavy shock
veining and brecciation: I've cut and polished
some thick slices and end-cuts that would be
a great addition to any collection!
From £20

Sericho / Habaswein is the newest pallasite on
the market! Excavated in Wajir, Kenya, it was
first identified in 2016. We have some fabulous
wholestones around 40g - 200g: this one has
been windowed to show the structure.

Our polished slices of this pallasite are the least
expensive available anywhere!

Muong Nong Tektites are entirely different from
rounded, oriented Indochinites that we more
commonly find for sale. They are irregular, display
stratification and contain inclusions of sand and
local rocks: they may well support a more exotic
origin for Indochinites...

We have just a few large specimens available.

Seymchan remains our best-selling Pallasite:
we have added more excellent, stable slices
in the 10g - 15g range. These are increasing
in price every week, so now's a good time to
take the plunge!

We have just a few large samples: one of these
could be the centrepiece of your collection!

£10 / g
We have managed to find some of the
Campo del Cielo megacrystals!
With masses from 135g - 215g, these are
stable, spectacular and would be a terrific
addition to any collection.
From £80
Linda's handmade meteorite and space-themed
jewellery make fabulous gifts and are surprisingly
affordable. These examples include Swarovski crystals
with Gibeon (left) and Seymchan
beads: all findings
are sterling silver. They can be found on the 'irons'
page of our jewellery website: click HERE
Our boxed meteorite and impactite sets are popular
with collectors, colleges and schools all over the world.
The glazed wooden case holds nine specimens, each
individually presented in an acrylic box. Those displayed
at left are our £135 'Specialist Set', and a set comprising
nine samples of the KT boundary layer from locations
around the globe (Plus a bonus sample of micro-tektites
from Hell Creek!) Further samples can be housed in the

Other sets are available: achondrites, irons etc.

Now that the export of Campo del Cielo irons
is increasingly difficult, large examples such as
this 1689g individual are becoming hard to source.

We have a decent selection in the 1kg - 2kg range
that have just been added to our inventory: e-mail
or 'phone for current availability.

Just arrived from North Africa: some beautiful
unclassified common chondrites. These have crust,
orientation and regmaglypts and are among the
best examples we've been able to offer recently!
There are some real clonkers with masses over 800g
30p / gram
These unclassified NWA chondrites have primary
and secondary crust, regmaglypts and some obvious
chondrules and chondrule pits. We have masses
from 20g up to 500g: just FIVE POUNDS for
an example the size of a gooseberry!

Premium specimens at budget prices, so first come,
first served!
25p / gram

We have some really excellent large slices of the
Seymchan pallasite.

These are from the outer regions of this
meteorite and do not display olivine crystals.
They range from 30g - 80g and are absolutely
stunning examples!

Additionally. we have similar (but smaller) slices
of the Muonionalusta iron from Sweden: these are
stable and beautifully etched

from £55
from £30

We have acquired examples of some
of the rarest impactites available:

* Zhamanshinite
* Anthraxolite
* Grey Sudbury melt rock
* Onaping
* Isle of Skye
impact layer
* Bristol impact layer

Only limited amounts available!

This glazed A4 frame contains decent-sized
fragments of the three HED achondrite
types from the asteroid 4-Vesta: Howardite,
Eucrite and Diogenite. Many other similar
collections are available or can be custom-made
to your requirements! A great gift to a friend
or to yourself!
Getting hold of some genuine examples of
the Chelyabinsk
LL5 chondrite has been a
little problematical, but we've managed it!
We have a couple of hundred glossy 'peas',
as well as some decent larger samples:-
when they're gone, they're gone!