Over the past twenty years, Linda and I have been fortunate
enough to spend time with dozens of Astronauts, including six Moonwalkers!

Until recently we owned the largest Space and Aviation memorabilia business in the UK: although we decided to cease trading from our 'Space Station' website, we still have some nice items left. These are sold with full provenance and framed under glass.

We also have similar material from the Second World War,
including framed displays of relics from famous aircraft
such as Spitfire, Hurricane, Me109, V1 and V2
This A4-framed display contains good-sized flown
items from all six Shuttle airframes, including
samples of several types of material: beta cloth,
silicone, electrical cable, foil etc.
Each display may differ from the example shown,
but will come with full provenance.
This near-A4 sized display contains a fragment of kapton foil
removed from the Command Module of Apollo 11
after its spashdown in 1969. Supplied with full provenance
and a certificate of authenticity. We also have a similar display
of Apollo 17 kapton
£60 each,
£100 the pair
These ash-framed A4 displays contain genuine items
from iconic Second World War aircraft. Obtained by licensed aviation archaeologists, each item is guaranteed to originate
from a non-fatal incident, either a bale-out or crash-landing.
From £30

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