WARNING! A significant proportion of moldavite & desert glass jewellery currently being offered for sale
via online auctions is FAKE! It is a fact that the Czech moldavite deposits are more or less exhausted!
We thoroughly research the provenance of our material before HAND MAKING our jewellery items.

We offer a range of beautiful handcrafted meteorite-related jewellery, with sterling silver chains in a range of different lengths! These gorgeous moldavite pendants would make a sensational present for that special someone! Click the button below to visit our jewellery pages!
We can also offer Sikhote-Alin, Gibeon
and Canyon Diablo meteorite pendants and earrings. These are supplied in presentation boxes with a sterling silver chain of your choice! Click the button below to visit our jewellery pages!
We offer a range of beautiful Desert Glass
pendants, mounted in sterling silver and
available in a variety of chain-lengths and types.
This beautiful necklace is a hand-made representation
of the Solar System, crafted from sterling silver and
semi-precious stones such as jade and agate. Only
available from us at just £25

A recent addition to our range:
matching bracelets at just