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Buy beautiful meteorite & space-related jewellery! Space Jewellery
The online catalogue of the Natural History Museum is a great resource for all collectors of meteorites! The Natural History Museum
All Amateur Astronomers would benefit from joining their local
Society: there are hundreds of them, so there's bound to be one near you!
The Federation of Astronomical Societies
Additionally, you really should think of joining one of the flagship
societies! This is the one the professionals belong to!
The Royal Astronomical Society
The BAA holds meetings all over the UK for all levels of knowledge and involvement, from beginners right through to
the top amateur Astronomers!
The British Astronomical Association
I lecture about meteorites and space-related topics all over the UK! Contact me to book a meteorite talk for your Astronomy Group: informative and fun, and a lot less expensive than you'd imagine! David Bryant's SPACETALKS
Interested in other space-related items?
Visit our twin site for space-related autographs, flown hardware and books!
The Space Station
Looking for a present for someone special? How about a piece
of beautiful, handmade Swarovski crystal jewellery?
Linda's Gems
Ever seen a UFO? How about a ghost? Plenty of people have!
Read their stories here!
Chilling Tales UK