This sample of Onaping Fall-back Breccia
is from the huge Sudbury impact structure,
an ancient 62km crater in Ontario, Canada.
Also from the Sudbury impact structure,
Anthraxolite is an intriguing carbonaceous
material, widely considered to derive from
the body that created the second largest
crater so far discovered on Earth.
The pumice-like Miramar impact material
is found in an 18-mile-long greenish layer
in a seaside cliff between Mar del Plata and
Miramar, two cities on the central Atlantic
coast of Argentina. It is believed that this
material was deposited by the impact of a
massive object 3.3 million years ago.
This is a 'fladle' or pancake stone from
the Ries Crater. It is a flattened chunk of
impact melt glass, ejected during the
meteoric impact. Available in several sizes
up to around 15cm. Super items!
These fossil Belemnites were distorted,
fractured and remelted back together by
the Ries impact! Extremely rare and a great
talking point!
Rochechouart Castle, Haute-Vienne, France
is built upon a hill of impact breccia thrown
up by a massive meteorite impact which took
place during the late Jurassic Period, around
200 million years ago.
This is a spectacular piece
of red fall-back breccia from the site: it bears the
tell-tale marks of the immense energies released
by the event. The mass of this super slab is 855g
These 50g shatter cones come from the
Ries Crater. They display quite beautifully
the 'horsetail' patterns created by the
enormous impact that formed the crater.
Larger samples available
An intriguing gift for geologists, meteorite
collectors or palaeontologists! Our pieces
of the K-T boundary layer were obtained
for us from the Red Deer River, Alberta and
are available in various sizes. A real talking
point, and very hard to obtain!
Suevite fallback breccia from the Ries Crater.
The impact disrupted local Jurassic limestones,
creatingshatter cones and breccias. This sample
has been polished on one surface to display the
dark, glassy inclusions. Shown here around half
size: the mass is 835g!
Another example of an impactmelt breccia, this time
from Saaksjarvi in Finland. It has a mass of 400g
Probably unique to Spacerocks! We offer
this set of nine different
KT Boundary layer
samples, each fully labelled in a padded
acrylic case and presented in a hand-made
glazed wooden box. The specimens have
been collected for us on both sides of the
Atlantic Ocean.