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We hold good stocks of NWA common chondrites: all grades, all sizes! Below are just a few examples.
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We have a good selection of stone L5, olivine
bronzite chondrites from the NWA 869 fall.
Ranging in size from 10g - 200g, these intriguing
meteorites often show carbonaceous inclusions
and brecciation. They have good crust, obvious
chondrules and often show regmaglypting.

These unclassified common chondrites
have plenty of crust and good shapes:
cutting might well reveal interesting or
unusual structure! Chunky individuals
from 150g - 500g available.


The perfect way to start a collection, hand
around the classroom or give as presents!
These weathered NWA chondrites are the
real article and are strongly attracted by a
magnet. They average around 50g - 100g

We have some large slices of unclassified NWAs.
This example, with a mass of 86.5g, shows a really
attractive pale matrix with numerous chondrules and
shock veins.

Polished slices of most other types available!