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We have secured a reasonable quantity of
smaller and more affordable Rizalites
These well-marked tektites from the Philippines
average around 45g each and would be a great
addition to any collection!
We have good stocks of medium-sized Tektites
from the Indochinese strewn field: most show
orientation and glassy, ablated surfaces. Great
starters for a meteorite collection!
Cintamani glass resembles both ‘classic’ indochinite and Muong Nong stratified tektites, as well as American types such as Saffordite and Columbianite. Although widely considered to be a variety of obsidian, an impact origin has not been completely ruled out.

We have obtained a limited amount of this unusual glass
which would be a great addition to any collection.
Muong Nong Tektites are entirely different from
rounded, oriented Indochinites that we more
commonly find for sale. They are irregular, display
stratification and contain inclusions of sand and
local rocks: they may well support a more exotic
origin for Indochinites...

We have just a few large specimens available.
We always have plenty of small Tektites
from Indo-China: shipped in an acrylic box,
these are mostly fragmented.
One of the rarest of all the Tektite types is
. Beware of fake material that
is widely sold online: we have just a few examples
of the genuine article in stock!
We have just a few examples of the beautiful
Egyptian / Libyan Desert Glass.
This rare and
highly sought-after impactite comes from one
of the most dangerous regions of the Sahara
and is increasingly difficult to obtain...
Our samples range from 10g - 20g
From £40 each

Brand new! Impact melt glass 'bombs' from
the Mien Crater, Sweden. Very similar in
appearance to the more widely-known 'fladles'
from the Ries Crater, this is an impactite we
have never had in our inventory before!

This is a 'fladle' or pancake stone from
the Ries Crater. It is a flattened chunk of
impact melt glass, ejected during the
meteoric impact. We have some beautiful
sections showing the interior structure.