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We have secured a reasonable quantity of
smaller and more affordable Rizalites
These well-marked tektites from the Philippines
average around 45g each and would be a great
addition to any collection!
We have good stocks of medium-sized Tektites
from the Indochinese strewn field: most show
orientation and glassy, ablated surfaces. Great
starters for a meteorite collection!
We always have plenty of small Tektites
from Indo-China: shipped in an acrylic box,
these are mostly fragmented.
One of the rarest of all the Tektite types is
. Beware of fake material that
is widely sold online: we have plenty
of the genuine article in stock!
We always have good stocks of the beautiful
Egyptian / Libyan Desert Glass.
This rare and
highly sought-after impactite comes from one
of the most dangerous regions of the Sahara
and is increasingly difficult to obtain...
This is a 'fladle' or pancake stone from
the Ries Crater. It is a flattened chunk of
impact melt glass, ejected during the
meteoric impact. We have some beautiful
sections showing the interior structure.