These beautiful slices of various iron meteorites
have been polished to show their Widmanstätten

We have examples from
Seymchan andMuonionalusta


We have a good selection of smallish Imilchil irons.
The exact date of this meteorite’s discovery is unknown:
it has been offered for sale under the name Agoudal
since around 2000: it was recognised as an octahedrite
in 2011 and renamed after the small Moroccan mountain
town of Imilchil.


We have various specimens of the famous
Canyon Diablo IAB coarse octahedrite. This is
the meteorite that produced the Barringer Crater,
Arizona. We have lots of smaller specimens, which
are sent in an acrylic box with a descriptive label.

As mentioned elsewhere, top quality examples of the
Campo del Cielo Argentinian iron are now virtually
unobtainable. We have one glorious specimen in stock
and a few of lower grade.
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We now have some beautiful crystal chunks
of the Campo del Cielo Argentinian iron with
masses between 15g and 20g. Prepared by
super-cooling and fracturing, these attractive
examples of this historic meteorite are shipped
in an acrylic display box with full details!
from £10
It has become nearly impossible to source examples
of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite that fell in the Maritime
Territory of Russia, February 12th, 1947. We have just
a few in stock, both shrapnel and oriented, but can
still obtain samples from around £3/g
from £30
An ideal Christmas or Birthday gift! A fragment
of the Canyon Diablo meteorite, in a glazed
ash frame with a descriptive illustration.
A third ideal gift! Here we offer a shrapnel
fragment of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite, with
a representation of the fall in 1947.
We offer similar displays containg other irons:
why not buy a set of three for just £90?
How's this for a good deal? Decent-sized pieces of
Sikhote-Alin, Canyon Diablo and Campo del Cielo,
presented in an attractive A4-sized glazed ash frame:
a perfect gift for the person who has everything!