It's been a while since we've been able to offer examples
of the fabulous and beautiful
Jepara pallasite: this rare
and highly-sought after stony-iron has been unobtainable
for several years!

When we were offered these by a long-time client who
is rationalising his collection we jumped straight in!
£30 - £200
Sericho / Habaswein is the newest pallasite on
the market: excavated in Wajir, Kenya, it was
first identified in 2016. We have some fabulous
wholestones, as well as a tray or two of beautiful
polished slices - many are translucent!
One of the best things we've brought in recently!
£10 - £300
Experience has shown that polished slices of the
Sericho pallasite are somewhat unstable...
However, a contact has found a way of overcoming this
by protecting them with a coat of clear acrylic. These
slices can now be passed around and handled without
fear of deterioration.
This 75g slice: £300
We have some larger slices of the
Seymchan pallasite!

These are stable, translucent and among
the most attractive we have had for a while!
The Jepara pallasite was discovered in May 2008
during building work in Indonesia. The 500kg main
mass is heavily weathered and altered: our thin
slices have been stabilised and polished to show
the characteristic structure of metallic matrix
and olivine crystals. We have a limited supply of
these stunning pallasites available.
We have just a couple of slices of the
beautiful and very stable Pallasovka
pallasite. Very hard to find these days,
ours will sell out quickly!
We have added some affordable slices of
the Seymchan pallasite to our inventory.
These are stable, translucent and among
the nicest we have had for a while!

We also have some new corner-cuts and chunks.