Hassi Touill 001 is a brand new acquisition: a
chunky lunar with terrific features. Great value,
these wholestones will sell very quickly at our
bargain prices!

We always have larger Lunar samples from
10mm - 40mm
in our inventory: perhaps not
surprisingly, these tend to sell very quickly,
so please 'phone for latest stock details.

Larger slices of Martian meteorites are also always

These are among our best sellers! Genuine
fragments of Lunar and Martian meteorites, each
one presented in an acrylic display box with a
descriptive label on the underside!
(The prices include postage and an A4 CoA)
NWA 6355 has been discovered on analysis
to be virtually identical to material brought
back from the Moon by the Apollo 16 astronauts.
We have framed displays containing samples in
the 2mm - 4mm range.
A great gift idea! We offer Martian meteorite
samples professionally framed with full details
of the meteorite's provenance!
As above, but with a sample of a Lunar meteorite.
Lunaites are extrordinarily rare, so your sample
will only be a small fragment: but it will come fully
guaranteed and provenanced!
This display contains examples of all three
Vestal meteorites: Howardite, Eucrite & Diogenite
These are scarce and expensive, so the framed samples
will be small fragments: but will come fully guaranteed
and provenanced!
Another great gift idea! We have assembled a
collection of four meteorite samples that are
thought to have originated on Mercury, Mars,
the Moon and Vesta, as well as a Carbonado
that some authorities believe may derive from
one of the outer gas giants!