Larger examples of Sikhote Alin are becoming
very difficult to obtain: we have managed to
source some beautiful large shrapnel specimens.
Our medium-sized Campo del Cielo samples
start at 200g. Our specimens are stable,
chunky and keenly priced!

A great starter or addition to any collection!
We always hold a good supply of similar
examples of this famous fall
This beautiful Campo del Cielo iron looks
terrific on display! It has a hefty mass of
2000g and, like all our Campos, is well-marked
and stable. We have lots more in the 1kg - 2kg
range: contact us for details!
Chunky! This Campo del Cielo iron has
a mass of 1400g and a pleasing 'asteroidal'
appearance with a lovely dark patina and
plenty of regmaglypts.
This Campo del Cielo iron has a mass
of 840g and, like all our big irons, is
stable and well-patinated
We recently sold a beautifully-marked 42 kg
Campo del Cielo to a client in the South of
England. Museum pieces like this can be
obtained in 10 - 14 days! This sample sold
for just £2,500 !